Green Party co-leader Adrian Ramsay warns Budget is “taking us in the wrong direction”


27 October 2021

Responding to the Chancellor’s Autumn Budget today [Wednesday 27 October], Green Party co-leader Adrian Ramsay said:

“Once again the Chancellor has shown that he simply does not understand the scale of what is required to tackle the climate crisis. In fact, by cutting air passenger duty and boasting about cheaper fuel for cars he is taking us in the wrong direction.

“The public is ready for urgent action on climate – 94% support our policy of a carbon tax and they understand that climate action means better quality of life with warmer homes, cleaner air and cheaper and more accessible public transport.

“We’re being held back by a Chancellor who sees the green transition as a cost rather than an opportunity.

“Did Rishi Sunak miss the memo about us being in a climate emergency?”




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