Government announces “LeaveHomeSafe” mobile application arrangements in Cap. 599F premises and adjustment to catering business modes of operation


     The Government announced today (December 6) the arrangements for using the "LeaveHomeSafe" (LHS) mobile application which will take effect on December 9, in order to implement the earlier announcement on extending the requirement to use the LHS mobile application to all premises regulated under the Prevention and Control of Disease (Requirements and Directions) (Business and Premises) Regulation (Cap. 599F). The modes of operation of catering business will also be adjusted accordingly.
     "In view that COVID-19 mutant strains are spreading extremely fast globally, we must stay vigilant and adopt stringent epidemic control measures  to follow through on the anti-epidemic strategy of guarding against the importation of cases and the resurgence of domestic infections in order to attain the goal of dynamic 'zero infection'. To enhance the efficiency and precision of tracing, assessing exposure risk and testing upon identification of confirmed cases, it is necessary to implement the relevant measures with a view to enhancing the epidemic control capacity to protect members of the public," a spokesman for the Food and Health Bureau said.
     At present, some catering business premises and scheduled premises regulated under Cap. 599F have already implemented the requirement of mandatory use of the LHS mobile application by customers or users. With effect from December 9, the requirement will be applicable to all catering business premises and scheduled premises under regulation, i.e. all catering business premises that offer dine-in services, bars or pubs, bathhouses, party rooms, clubs or nightclubs, karaoke establishments, mahjong-tin kau premises, cruise ships, amusement game centres, fitness centres, places of amusement, places of public entertainment, beauty parlours and massage establishments, clubhouses, sports premises, swimming pools, hotel and guesthouses, and event premises.
     According to the latest arrangement, customers or users of all premises regulated under Cap. 599F must scan the LHS venue QR code using the LHS mobile application before entering the premises. Having considered that some individuals are unable to meet the requirement of using of the LHS mobile application due to reasonable reasons, the following three categories of persons may fill in a specified form as an alternative to the use of the LHS mobile application:

  1. persons aged 65 or above and aged 15 or below;
  2. persons with disability; and
  3. other persons recognised by the Government or organisation(s) authorised by the Government.

     For persons aged 15 or below, he or she would not have to register his or her personal information using the specified form if he or she is accompanied by an adult who has complied with the LHS requirement (i.e. he or she has used the LHS mobile application or used the specified form to register relevant information as an alternative in accordance with the requirement).
     The current requirement that all customers of bars or pubs, bathhouses, party rooms, clubs or nightclubs, karaoke establishments and mahjong-tin kau premises must use the LHS mobile application shall remain unchanged.
     Scheduled premises managed by the Government will continue to implement the requirement on the use of the LHS mobile application following the prevailing arrangement applicable to government buildings and offices.
     To enable the trade and the general public to understand the relevant requirements, the Government will upload elaborations on a series of frequently asked questions onto the COVID-19 Thematic Website (
     In addition, having regard to the full implementation of the LHS requirement with effect from December 9, Type A Mode of Operation for catering businesses will no longer be applicable. In other words, all catering business premises (except for bars or pubs which are subject to other requirements) must operate according to one of the operating modes among Types B, C and D Mode of Operation and follow the respective applicable requirements on social distancing and infection control measures, including requiring all staff members involved in the operation of the premises to undergo regular testing or receive COVID-19 vaccination. In light of the above arrangement, the period during which dine-in services are allowed under Type B Mode of Operation will be extended for one hour to 10.59pm.
     "These measures are conducive to tackling the public health threat posed by the mutant strains. We appeal to the trades and the public to co-operate and comply with the relevant requirements in order to further enhance the anti-epidemic capacity of Hong Kong," the spokesman added.

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