Easing congestion?


I have received a reply to my congestion busting suggestions from the Roads Minister. She says:

The Department is “delivering the street manager project which will be a new digital service for planning and managing street and roadworks. …every organisation will be using it from 1 April 2020”

“With regards to your suggestions about rephasing traffic lights, you will be pleased to know that we have advocated this approach for many years. Responsive systems monitor traffic flow using sensors and automatically adjust timings as needed. At busy times the main road will be prioritised with the signals working to reduce queue lengths on all approaches as far as possible. The default is usually to leave the signals resting on green on the main road in the absence of any demands for side roads, particularly at quiet times.”

Armed with this support for some of my ideas I will send this to Wokingham Borough where rephasing is needed on crucial junctions.

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