Dmitry Medvedev visits Russian-Vietnamese Tropical Research and Technology Centre


Dmitry Medvedev congratulates the workers of the Russian-Vietnamese Tropical Research and Technology Centre on the occasion of its 30th anniversary and awards Russian Federation state decorations.

Visiting the Russian-Vietnamese Tropical Research and Technology Centre

Dmitry Medvedev’s remarks at a ceremony dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the Tropical Centre:

Friends, comrades,

I am delighted to visit our joint Russian-Vietnamese Tropical Centre. This is a research and technological organisation and one of the key facilities for our cooperation in the scientific and technological sphere. A similar centre – and you know this well – does not exist anywhere else in the world. The centre has been in existence for practically 30 years. Numerous investigations have been conducted in the tropical zone since that time, all of them pursued in both countries’ interests. The Centre’s record shows that our specialists are able and know how to work together. This cooperation has resulted in unique R&D in the sphere of fundamental and applied science (and you demonstrated some of these results). Many of them have been appreciated by the professional community as well as by Russian and Vietnamese ministries and agencies.

I cannot but note your achievements in the field of environmental protection and medicine as well as the contribution you have made when it comes to solving various applied and scientific problems, such as durability of materials and equipment, including Russian-made equipment supplied to Vietnam as part of military-technical cooperation programmes.

Environmental security research is very important as well. I am referring to the study of the aftermath of the chemical war the US conducted in Vietnam as well as problems related to the emergence and diffusion of particularly hazardous infectious diseases.

Friends, let me cordially congratulate the Tropical Centre on the occasion of its 30th anniversary. I am confident that quite a few interesting projects are awaiting you in the future and that owing to their joint work the researchers from our two countries can achieve impressive results. I would like to deliver to the Tropical Centre’s workers a message of appreciation from the President of Russia. This is a sign of high appreciation of your contribution to the development and strengthening of cooperation between Russia and Vietnam. I would like to mention in particular your colleague, Major General Nguyen Hong Du, who began his career here at the Centre and rose up the career ladder to Vietnamese General Director of the Tropical Centre. Today, thanks to your efforts, the Russian-Vietnamese team is working in a coordinated and highly efficient way. Not so long ago, you celebrated your 60th birthday. Let me wish you many happy returns of the day. I am happy to award you a Russian state decoration – the Order of Friendship – for your contribution to defence, research and technological cooperation.

I wish all Tropical Centre workers good health, new scientific achievements and wellbeing. I once again would like to express a hope that many remarkable discoveries and achievements for the good of our two countries are in store for you and us in the future.

Thank you very much for your work.