Covid-19 Sellafield Ltd supply chain update – 24 March 2020


This update applies to all supply chain employees working under the NAECI and CIJC agreements, except those who are required to attend work to support nuclear safety and security as identified by Sellafield Ltd.

On Monday (23 March), we communicated that project work on the Sellafield site would be paused for 48 hours.

This was to plan changes to work patterns and welfare provisions.

To allow for deeper planning, and taking into account government guidance, this pause has been extended until the end of this week.

Supply chain employees will continue be paid in line with guarantee provisions in existing agreements. This includes the requirement to remain available to work. This situation could change and you may be called into work during this period.

Any travelling workers who are currently in accommodation will be paid accommodation allowance for this week. People who wish to return home may do so, but they may need to provide a receipt so their employer can pay them under the HMRC concession.

If a travelling worker is required to return to work, they will be notified at least 17 hours before they are needed. For example, they would be contacted at 2:00 pm for a 7:00am start the next day. Your employer will contact you if you are needed for this work.

Employees of Mite Civilian Guard Force, One FM Soft Services, and Cavendish Radiometrics should continue to work, as advised on Monday (23 March).

Sellafield Ltd employees who have been working on site this week should continue to do so.

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