Civil/crime news: email service for JR custody time limit cases


A new email service is available solely for crime providers using civil forms in emergency judicial review applications associated with custody time limit extensions:

If you have a Client and Cost Management System (CCMS) account, you will be able to make this application more efficiently by using our online system.

Why are you doing this now?

We want to ensure providers working under the 2017 Standard Crime Contract understand how to use to civil forms to apply for funding in custody time limit cases. This is civil work arising out of criminal proceedings.

Associated civil work is provided for within the crime contract. But we realise that making civil legal aid applications is very different to the process for crime. So, we want to make sure you can contact us with any questions.

Emergency application emails

Remember that this option of sending application forms to the new mailbox is for emergency applications only:

Make sure that the subject line of the email you use to send your form clearly states that this is an urgent custody time limit case. You should also flag your email as high importance.

Who processes emergency applications?

Your application will be processed by the Exceptional and Complex Cases Team (ECCT). We aim to make decisions within 48 hours of receiving emails.

What if 48 hours is too long?

If you need a decision more quickly you will need to:

  • call customer services on 0300 200 2020

  • explain why a decision is needed faster than 48 hours

  • ask for the case to be fast-tracked to ECCT managers

How to speed up your application

You should include the following to help speed up a decision on your emergency application:

  1. Relevant questions on the CIV APP1 need to be answered. This includes providing a full case statement. You need to clearly set out the reasons for any conclusions that are drawn about the funding criteria.

  2. Applicable means forms should also be used and sent with the CIV APP1 form. These are listed below at the end of the article.

  3. Complete decision/order of the court.

  4. Any pre-action correspondence.

  5. Any advice or note from counsel about the merits of any proposed judicial review, where available.

What happens next?

If you are unable to use CCMS, the Legal Aid Agency (LAA) will upload your application after it has been determined.

You should note that you will need to upload any subsequent amendments and bills using CCMS. If you need help getting set up to do this, our Online Support Team will be able to work with you.

Further information

Civil Legal Aid (Merits Criteria) Regulations 2013

CIV APP1 form – you must download and use the CIV APP1 along with the relevant means forms for your legal aid application

CIV MEANS 1 form – download and use to accompany CIV APP1 if client does not receive a passported benefit

CIV MEANS 1P form – download and use to accompany CIV APP1 and CIV MEANS 1 if client in prison (1P is second form on page)

CIV MEANS 2 form – download and use to accompany CIV APP1 if client receives passported benefit

CIV MEANS 4 form – download and use to accompany CIV APP1 if client under 16 years of age

Customer Services and Online Support teams: 0300 200 2020

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