Caroline Lucas responds to the Nature Recovery Green Paper launched by DEFRA


16 March 2022

Caroline Lucas, Green Party MP for Brighton Pavilion, has the following response to the launch of the Government’s Nature Recovery Green Paper and Environmental Targets consultation out today:

“The Nature Green Paper and Environmental Targets consultation out today fall embarrassingly short of stopping and reversing nature’s decline.

I’m glad the Government admits our National Parks and AONBs are currently failing to contribute towards the 30×30 goal. But the targets set out in this consultation are pitiful. On biodiversity, the aim for a 10% increase on 2030 baseline by 2042 is feeble. As sewage continues to pour into our waterways, there’s no target to improve the overall condition of our rivers. And the Government’s definition of ‘effective protection’ for nature is vague at best, downright evasive at worst.

It’s also very disappointing to see major policy ideas omitted entirely – from improving access to nature via a right to roam, to a ban on industrial fishing in England’s marine-protected areas. With COP15 mere months away, we have a chance to show leadership on the world stage in restoring nature and protecting our planet – this Green Paper is not it.”

Caroline Lucas also tweeted about the Green Paper here.


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