Caroline Lucas: Heathrow expansion puts a wrecking ball through climate policies


25 June 2018

*Lucas: Boris is ‘bulldozing his own reputation’ 

Caroline Lucas, the Green Party co-leader, said that Heathrow expansion puts a ‘wrecking ball’ through Britain’s climate policies. Lucas, who will vote against Heathrow expansion later today, said that a vote in favour would be ‘willingly waving the white flag to catastrophic climate change’ and that Boris Johnson is ‘bulldozing what is left of his own reputation’.

Caroline Lucas said:

“Heathrow expansion will put a wrecking ball through Britain’s climate policies, increase air pollution and blight the residents of West London. A vote in favour of expansion today will be willingly waving the white flat to catastrophic climate change, and betraying future generations. I urge MPs to unshackle themselves from the interests of the big business lobby and those who peddle overblown hype on job creation – and take a stand today. We need serious infrastructure investment in Britain – but that must be low-carbon, clean transport systems for the future – not a mega airport in West London. 

“The fact that Boris Johnson is set to miss the vote truly underlines his utter spinelessness. He stood against Heathrow as a point of principle – and has now fled the country to save his job, and maintain his disastrous political career. Boris Johnson said he’d lie down in front the bulldozers at Heathrow – but instead he’s now bowing out of politics for the day and bulldozing what is left of his own reputation.”

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