Approval of a list of countries whose citizens will be granted simplified procedure for entry into Russia through checkpoints at the free port of Vladivostok


From a meeting with deputy prime ministers.

Excerpts from the transcript:

Meeting with deputy prime ministers

Dmitry Medvedev: We are actively developing a modern infrastructure in the Russian Far East and are creating special regimes. In March, the law on the entry to the Free Port of Vladivostok was passed.

Several days ago, I approved the list of countries whose citizens will be granted a privileged status. Business people and tourists won’t have to undergo traditional visa procedures. They will only have to submit their data on a special website. Introducing this option will help boost investment and tourist attractiveness in the Russian Far East.

The list contains 18 countries from various regions. It’s not about how far away these countries are but–if they want to reciprocate.

Accordingly, we’ll make bilateral agreements on visa-free travel with those who share the same approach as us.