Yan Chai Hospital announced a patient tested preliminarily positive for COVID-19

The following is issued on behalf of the Hospital Authority:

     The spokesperson for Yan Chai Hospital made the following announcement today (January 18) regarding a patient who tested preliminarily positive for COVID-19:
     A 79-year-old surgical male patient was admitted to the hospital for performing a colonscopy examination this morning. His admission screening sample for nucleic acid test was later reported as preliminary positive. He is now staying in isolation ward for treatment.
     The hospital commenced contact tracing immediately and initially identified a surgeon, who performed the colonoscopy examination without eye protection; and a nurse, who was at the vicinity of the patient while collecting the deep throat saliva but did not have eye protection in time, as close contacts. Besides, a patient who stayed with the patient concerned in the same side room was also preliminarily identified as close contact.
     Admission to the ward concerned has been suspended. The hospital will arrange other patients in the ward and staff to perform tests and will arrange thorough cleansing for the area concerned.

     â€‹The hospital reminded healthcare staff again to remain vigilant, amidst silent transmission chain appeared in community; and should wear proper personal protective equipment for performing high risk procedures with patients and when patients cannot wear masks.
     The hospital will continue the contact tracing and will communicate with the Centre for Health Protection on the latest situation.