Tripartite joint operation “THUNDERBOLT 2021” against triads and organised crime

     Hong Kong Police arrested 868 people and seized dangerous drugs and illicit goods worth over HK$11 million (as at June 18) during a tripartite anti-crime joint operation, codenamed “THUNDERBOLT 2021”, mounted by Hong Kong, Guangdong and Macau Police authorities since June 6 this year.

     The police authorities of Hong Kong, Guangdong, and Macau have spared no effort to combat triad activities and organised crimes, especially cross-boundary syndicates. The intelligence-led enforcement operation “THUNDERBOLT 2021” was aimed at curbing the illegal activities of triad societies and organised crime syndicates, neutralising cross-boundary crimes, and interdicting the criminals’ source of income.

     As at June 18, Hong Kong Police conducted searches of 542 locations including bars, amusement game centres, cyber cafe, party rooms and residential units during the operation. A total of 868 persons were arrested for various offences, including triad-related offences, drug offences, illegal immigration, illegal gambling, bookmaking, criminal damage, blackmail, wounding and possession of offensive weapons. A total of 597 men and 271 women, aged between 13 and 84, were arrested. Among them, 31 were Mainlanders and 49 were non-ethnic Chinese. Hong Kong Police seized dangerous drugs and psychotropic drugs worth over $6 million, including cannabis, ketamine, cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin and midazolam.

     Operation “THUNDERBOLT 2021” is still ongoing. Hong Kong Police would continue to maintain close liaison and exchange intelligence with the Mainland and Macau police authorities with a view to interdicting cross-boundary triad activities to uphold the public confidence in law and order.