The Queen’s speech: nothing to create fairer greener communities, say Greens

10 May 2022

The Green Party has accused the government of a failure to address the cost of living crisis or the climate emergency in the Queen’s speech. 

“A lot of Bills; a lot of hot air. Nothing to create the fairer greener communities that so many are crying out for, and so many people voted for when they elected Green councillors in record numbers last week. 

“The government has again demonstrated its failure to get to grips with the cost of living crisis and the climate emergency. Greens have a plan to tackle both in parallel through a multi-billion pound programme of home insulation to cut energy bills and carbon emissions [1].

“This is a government that appears to be putting its energy into creating a bonfire of  environmental standards and protections we enjoyed as part of the EU rather than tackling the root causes of growing climate instability. It refuses to impose a dirty profits tax on the fossil fuel giants or introduce the hugely popular idea of a carbon tax that could help fund the transition to a cleaner, greener economy with greater energy security and lower bills.”    


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