The PCA is launching its annual tenant survey

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The survey is an opportunity for tied tenants to share their views on their pub company and the PCA across a number of areas.

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This will be the PCA’s first tenant survey since 2019 due to the need for the industry to focus on the impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. This is a large-scale survey of around 600 tenants who will be contacted between 12 January – 14 February.

The PCA has listened to feedback across the industry on the first 5 years of the operation of the Code. The survey has been updated this year to focus questions on key areas of the Code, to reflect recent changes in the tied industry and to make it easier to compare the regulated pub companies from the tied tenants’ perspective. Tenants will have the opportunity to say how their pub company has been applying the Pubs Code and what their experience has been. They will also be able to share their experience of the PCA service and communications.

The findings will provide an important benchmark as to how tied tenants view their pub company as well as the PCA. This will help the PCA identify areas which are working well and where it can best use its regulatory powers to ensure improvement, as well as monitor progress over time.

What the survey will cover

The questions are centred around 4 core themes:

  • awareness of Pubs Code rights and where tenants get information and support
  • relationship between tenants and their Business Development Managers and Code Compliance Officers
  • experience of tenant contact with the PCA and our communications, including the PCA website
  • experience of new tenants, including the value of the information received and use of the sustainable business plan

Taking part in the survey

Independent research company Ipsos MORI will conduct the annual survey on behalf of the PCA.

If you are contacted by Ipsos MORI, we would be grateful for your time in completing this important survey.

All responses will be anonymous.

The PCA will publish the findings from the survey, and our response, as soon as possible after the survey closes.

If you have any questions about the survey, or are not contacted and wish to share your experience, please contact our enquiry service.

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Published 18 January 2022