National Statistics: Local authority collected waste management – annual results

Final annual results for local authority collected waste generation and management for England.

Independent report: Animal Sentience Committee: assessment of Veterinary Medicines Regulations (2013) revisions

Animal Sentience Committee’s views on whether the government has all due regard to the welfare of animals as sentient beings in relation to the Veterinary Medicines Regulation (2013) revisions.

Guidance: Bird flu: rules on meat produced from poultry and farmed game birds originating in disease control zones

Rules food businesses should follow for any meat produced from poultry or farmed game birds originating within a disease control zone.

Policy paper: Fisheries management plans: policy information

How fisheries management plans will be used to create a more vibrant, profitable, and sustainable fishing industry.

Guidance: Delinked payments: replacing the Basic Payment Scheme

Find out if you’re eligible for delinked payments, how they’re calculated and when you’ll receive them.