Tree of Life Fountain

Combining art, design and engineering to create beautiful metalwork fountain features which incorporate memorialisation opportunities in the form of interchangeable leaves.

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Copyists Beware

Imitated but
never surpassed – copyists beware. It has come to our attention that images of
our own proprietary products and installations are being passed off as work by
others. Our many, many years of experience in the industry cannot be replicated
or ignored. Our work and intellectual property stands the test of time and our
portfolio speaks for itself.

It is our
understanding that a person or organisation acquiring a design or service, may
inherit responsibility for any breach of ownership made by subsequent owners,
users or rights owners. We would therefore be pleased to assist in avoiding
this outcome by discussing and forwarding information on our products, designed
and manufactured by ourselves, to those interested in tried and tested

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welters Tree of Life

Implementing art, design and engineering to create eye catching steel sculptures with memorialisation options.

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Stone Memorial Orbs

For memorialisation and interment of cremated remains. Easily incorporated into any location, whether a cemetery or crematoria grounds, woodland areas, parks or private gardens.

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Design & Manufacturing Ingenuity

Combining Art, Design, Engineering and Manufacture to Create.

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