Statement from the Environment Secretary on flooding

Government response

The Environment Secretary George Eustice chaired a COBR meeting on the response to Storm Christoph this evening.

Speaking after chairing a COBR on the ongoing response to Storm Christoph, Environment Secretary George Eustice said:

I want to echo the Prime Minister’s thanks to the Environment Agency and emergency services for the huge amount of work they’ve done to protect over 26,000 homes and properties from flooding, keeping families and communities safe.

However, the danger has not passed. The water levels remain high and there is the risk of possible further flooding next week so everyone needs to remain vigilant, follow the advice and sign up for flood alerts.

This Government is committed to tackling the risk of flooding and we will continue to push on with our £5.2 billion programme of investment in flood and coastal defences to protect 336,000 properties over the next five years.

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Published 21 January 2021