PM call with Prime Minister of Hungary: 27 May 2022

Press release

The Prime Minister spoke to Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán this evening.

The Prime Minister spoke to Viktor Orbán this evening following his re-election as Prime Minister of Hungary last month.

The Prime Minister set out his strong condemnation of Russia’s continued attack on Ukraine and said the international community had to continue to apply maximum economic pressure to cripple Putin’s war-machine. He acknowledged the challenging circumstances some countries faced in sourcing energy supplies but hoped the EU would be able to proceed with its sixth sanctions package given the paramount priority of ending the war in Ukraine as soon as possible.

Both leaders agreed that shoring up energy security and domestic resilience in Europe was crucial, while endless confrontation in Ukraine would only cause more suffering.

The Prime Minister said he believed the Ukrainian forces would fight for as long as it took and paid tribute to their valiant efforts.

Both leaders agreed to stay in close touch.

Published 27 May 2022