Garden waste permits 2023

The City Council is asking residents to renew their garden waste permits for 2023 following the opening of the permit’s ordering system.

Householders are being urged to plan ahead to ensure they are signed up in advance of the first collections in March. The cost of a permit is £42.50 per bin and covers the 20 collections allocated to eligible households across this year. The Liberal Democrat group has always objected to the charge and in fact proposed it be cut – not increased – at the 2022 council revenue budget. Unfortunately, the other parties on the council voted that down.
Customers who opted in to the scheme in 2022 will receive invitations either by letter or email to re-apply for the 2023 collections. Reminders and updates also feature on 2023 collection calendars and on the Council’s social media channels.
Members of the public can still dispose of their garden waste free of charge at the city’s household waste recycling centres located at Riverside and Baldovie.

The garden waste collected is taken to the Riverside Composting facility to create the PAS 100 quality certified Discovery Compost, which is then made available for purchase by gardeners, community groups, and farmers.
Home composting bins can also be bought in many retail outlets and are available to purchase from Dundee City Council directly for £20 with free delivery.
Further information, frequently asked questions and the online application form can be found at

Power outages in Seafield Road/Seafield Lane #dundeewestend

We received concerns in the New Year from Seafield Lane residents about further power outages for households served by the electricity sub-station in Seafield Road.

We contacted SSE about this and have been updated as follows :

“Unfortunately we are aware of an ongoing fault on one of the underground cables at Seafield Lane in Dundee. Every time this has faulted, it has blown the fuses at the substation, we have been able to restore power by replacing the fuse.

To build expectations, this will continue to happen until we can identify the exact location of the cable fault. The Network Integrity team are aware of this fault and efforts are ongoing to identify the faulty section of the cable.

I appreciate that this is not the response you will be looking for but I would like to reassure members of the local community that we are aware of the ongoing fault and once we have identified the location, we will carry out the necessary repairs.”

Temporary traffic order – Riverside Drive

From the City Council :


THE DUNDEE CITY COUNCIL AS TRAFFIC AUTHORITY being satisfied that traffic on the road should be prohibited by reason of Network Rail bridge safety inspection works being carried out HEREBY PROHIBIT the driving of any vehicle in Riverside Drive (between Tesco Roundabout and Barnetts garage), Dundee.

This notice comes into effect on Saturday 28 January 2023 for 2 nights (10pm to 6am).

Pedestrian thoroughfare will be maintained.

Alternative routes for vehicles are available via Riverside Drive / South Union Street / Nethergate / Perth Road / Riverside Avenue.

For further information contact 433082.

Executive Director of City Development
Dundee City Council

Promotional sign at Tay Square #dundeewestend

As residents may be aware, Shopmobility Dundee was a charity that provided the use of mobility scooters, power and manual wheelchairs for all ages in and around the city centre, and it sadly closed recently after years of providing an excellent service.

One member of the former Shopmobility team has pointed out that the promotional sign in Tay Square (pictured) near to The Rep still features the service.

We have therefore asked the City Council to have the signage updated and the Head of Planning & Economic Development has advised :

“You may be aware that several of the wayfinding signs in the city centre area have been vandalised and we are in the process of repairing these.

Where appropriate, the content of signs is being updated as part of this work.

Thankfully, the sign at Tay Square has not suffered from vandalism, although we recognise that the information regarding Shopmobility is out of date.

There are signs at City Square and the Bus Station that will also need to be updated for the same reason.

We will seek to progress this, subject to funding being found.”

Weekly Road Report – West End Ward #dundeewestend



Glamis Drive – closed eastbound in 2 phases for 2 weeks for Scotland Gas Networks work. Phase 1: Hazel Avenue to Glamis Road. Phase 2: Invergowrie Drive to Hazel Avenue.

Perth Road (at Pennycook Lane) – temporary traffic lights from Tuesday 10 January to Wednesday 25 January for bus shelter relocation.

West Marketgait (Northbound) at Greenmarket (new BT development) – off‑peak (9.30am – 3.30pm) lane closure for 5 no water service connections commencing 16 January for 2 weeks.

Riverside Drive (at Bridgeview Café) – temporary traffic lights on Monday 23 January (9.00am to 6.00am) for Scottish Water ironwork repair.

South Marketgait (at Railway Station) – off‑side westbound lane closure on Monday 23 January for Scottish Water ironwork repair.

Riverside Drive (at rail bridge) – series of overnight temporary traffic lights as follows: 1) Tuesday 24 January (00:01am to 7:00am): 2) Tuesday 24 January (10:00pm to 7:00am): and 3) Wednesday 25 January (10:00pm to 7:00am) for bridge cleaning works.

Riverside Drive (Tesco roundabout to Barnetts Garage) – closed overnight (10.00pm to 6.00am) on Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 January for Network Rail bridge safety inspection.

Forthcoming Roadworks

Session Street – closed from Monday 30 January for 2 weeks for Scottish Water work.

Riverside Esplanade – nearside west bound lane closure Monday 6 February (9:00am) to Tuesday 7 February (6:00am) for Scottish Water manhole repair.

Blackness Road (at Annfield Road) – overnight (7:00pm to 6:00am) temporary traffic lights Monday 13 February for Scottish Water investigation work.

Lochee Road (at Blinshall Steet) – overnight (7:00pm to 6:00am) temporary traffic lights Monday 13 February for Scottish Water investigation work.

Glamis Drive – road closure on Monday 13 February for CityFibre works.

Dunmore Drive/Gardens – closed Thursday 23 February for 5 days for carriageway resurfacing.