News story: No Fast Track application window in 2019

Where brilliant begins

Where Brilliant begins

The Civil Service Fast Track is currently under review. This is an exciting opportunity for us to evolve the program, but it does mean that for 2019 we will not be open for applications.

We will have more details on the Fast Track soon but in the mean time please have a look at the other opportunists we have for apprenticeships within the Civil Service.

Civil Service Apprentices are involved in some of Government’s most exciting and challenging projects. As an apprentice you help to develop and communicate vital policies that make a difference to the public up and down the UK.

You will have the opportunity to develop specialised skills and many go on to have permanent roles in the Civil Service. These cover a range of areas including cyber security, engineering and overseas diplomacy.

We currently run around 50 departmental and profession apprenticeship schemes across all government departments including economics, communications and customer service. They are open to people of all ages and career backgrounds.

Published 22 February 2019

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