Jonathan Ashworth responds to the latest NHS performance data

Jonathan Ashworth MP, Labour’s Shadow Health and Social Care Secretary, responding to the latest NHS performance data, said:

“While the Health Secretary plays Tory leadership games, patients continue to suffer deteriorating care.

“Patients will find it staggering that this summer A&E
performance so far has actually been worse than it was in the run up to
Christmas and those stranded on trolleys in overcrowded hospitals is up
376% compared to last June.

“What’s more, the waiting list for treatment is at a record high with
patients waiting longer in pain and distress for treatment.

“This is an NHS in a year round crisis thanks to years of cutbacks
and understaffing. The Health Secretary must park his obsession with
gimmicks, gizmos and gadgets and get a grip of the plummeting standards
of patient care happening on his watch.”