Give your child a helping hand and support their education


Date published: 29 January 2018

Parents, carers and extended family are being encouraged to give their child a helping hand and support their education. A few simple things can make the world of difference to how children see schoolwork and the progress they make in their school years.

How you can help

Education opens up a world of opportunities for children and young people.  Parental involvement and encouragement plays an essential part, from the very early years through to the vital exam stages.

Among the things you can do to help your child in the early years are:

When your child gets older you can:

  • show an interest in their day at school
  • talk to them about their homework
  • help them make the best choices for their future
  • help them plan their future education and career

You can find out more information about what you can do in this section:

Actively supporting your child can make a big difference to how well they do at school and to fulfilling their potential.

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