Establishing Sengilei Mountains National Park

The national park covering 43,697 hectares will be created in the Ulyanovsk Region, with the goal of preserving the unique woodland and steppe of the Middle Volga in the Sengilei Chalk Mountains.


Submitted by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment.

The Development Concept for the Specially Protected Areas of Federal Importance through 2020 (approved by Government Directive No.2322-r of 22 December 2011) provides for the establishment of Sengilei Mountains National Park in the Ulyanovsk Region.

The signed resolution provides for the establishment of Sengilei Mountains National Park (hereinafter the “national park”) covering a total of 43,697 hectares of the woodland reserve land (around 92 percent of the territory) and land under other ownership and usages (without prohibitions on economic activity).

The purpose of the national park is to preserve the unique woodland and steppe in the Middle Volga Region in the chalk mountains of Sengilei within the economic environment of the Ulyanovsk Region.

The territory of the national park is home to over 80 types of mushroom and over 800 plant species, over 50 mammals, over 140 bird species, 17 amphibians and reptiles, over 1,500 insect species and over 30 types of fish. Some species are under special protection and listed in the Red Data Book of Russia and the Ulyanovsk Region.

The cultural and historical heritage of the territory is particularly valuable. It dates back to the state of Volga Bulgaria that existed between the 10th and 13th centuries, with numerous settlements, villages, burial mounds and cemeteries. The unique scenery and relic plants combined with cultural landmarks are a draw for tourists, promoting eco-tourism both in the national park and the region.

The comprehensive environmental survey justifying its status as a specially protected area of federal importance was opened for public comment and passed a state environmental expert review.

The resolution creates legal framework to ensure special protection of the nature area and facilities within Sengilei Mountains National Park.