Guidance: Animals, animal products and HRFNAO imports: authorised border control posts in the UK

Find an approved UK border control post (BCP) to check the animals, animal products or high-risk food and feed of non-animal origin (HRFNAO) in your consignment.

News story: Water supply issues in Brixham area

Ministers are receiving regular updates on a Boil Water Notice from South West Water, which remains for 2,500 properties.

FOI release: Applications for XL Bully exemption certificates- FOI2024/09022

Applications for XL Bully exemption certificates.

Transparency data: Environmental Impact Assessment Regulations: public register

Live consent consultations, notices of consent decisions and screening and consent decisions made under the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) (Agriculture) Regulations.

Guidance: Buy statutory biodiversity credits

Find out how to buy statutory biodiversity credits.