Guidance: Apply for the Infrastructure Scheme round 3: vessel improvements

Find out how to apply for funding to improve vessels to reduce fuel use and emissions

Guidance: Controls of fish and shellfish diseases in England and Wales

Reduce the risk of disease and find out where listed diseases have been confirmed in England and Wales

Guidance: Confined establishments approved to export captive-bred birds to the EU

Lists of confined establishments in Great Britain, Jersey and the Isle of Man approved to export or move captive-bred birds to the EU or Northern Ireland.

Guidance: Changing uncultivated, semi-natural and rural land: when you need permission

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) (Agriculture) Regulations protect uncultivated, semi-natural and rural land. Find out when and how to get permission to make changes to land.

Accredited official statistics: Farm labour profiles from the England and UK farm structure survey

Analyses of farm labour data collated through the EU Farm Structure Survey