Beijing 8th cheapest city in the world for cab fare

Beijing has been ranked eighth in an international taxi price index issued recently by a British company for its cab fare – 2.3 yuan ($0.34) per kilometer.

The 2017 Taxi Price Index, issued by Carspring, an online seller of used cars, shows taxi fares in 80 tourist cities in around the world based on three metrics: The cost per kilometer, the cost of waiting time, and the fare from the airport to the city center.

For the cost per kilometer, Cairo took the top spot at $0.10, followed by Bangkok ($0.18), Moscow ($0.27), Mexico City ($0.28), Jakarta ($0.30), Bangalore ($0.30), Mumbai (0.32), Beijing ($0.34), Bucharest ($0.35) and Kuala Lumpur ($0.36).

The most expensive city for cab fare is Zurich, Switzerland, at $5.19 per kilometer.

For a typical 3 kilometer ride, Beijing is ranked the 15th cheapest with a fare of $3.08, and Cairo retains its top position as the cheapest city with $0.55. Zurich is the most expensive with $25.25.

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