First AI-based TCM clinic opens in China

China’s first Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) clinic based on an artificial intelligence (AI) diagnosis system opened in Zhejiang Province on Saturday, November 25, 2017, reported.

Using AI technology containing a large number of clinical cases from experienced TCM practitioners, the 4,500-square-meter clinic in the historic town of Wuzhen is the first of its kind in China.

After a human doctor inputs a patient’s condition, the system can deliver a diagnosis and write a fundamental prescription based on cases in its huge database. The human doctor can then modify the prescription to make it suitable for the patient.

“The platform allows doctors to receive back up from famous TCM masters from both ancient and modern times,” said Nie Rong, chief designer of the program.

Apart from a diagnosis, the platform helps to facilitate the dispensing process. It can automatically prepare convenient traditional medicines within 10 minutes.

TCM physicians can also take advantage of the system to consult with other doctors.

China is making efforts to increase data sharing between hospitals to improve the country’s healthcare system.

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