CE watches Asian Games in Hangzhou to cheer for Hong Kong athletes (with photos)


     The Chief Executive, Mr John Lee, today (September 24) watched various competitions at the 19th Asian Games Hangzhou (Asian Games) to cheer for Hong Kong athletes.
     The delegation led by Mr Lee went to various event venues to watch the competitions with Hong Kong athletes' participation, including swimming, Wushu and fencing. Mr Lee extended his warmest congratulations to athletes who won medals in today's competition. 
     Mr Lee said that the Asian Games held in Hangzhou is of great importance to Hong Kong athletes as they are competing in our country. He was pleased to have the opportunity to watch the races in person with the participation of Hong Kong athletes, who were striving for excellence and demonstrating extraordinary capability. He expressed his hope that Hong Kong athletes will continue to go beyond themselves and unleash their potentials in achieving outstanding results in various events.

     In the morning, Mr Lee also visited the Zhejiang Liaison Unit of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government to learn more about its work in promoting closer economic and trade relations between Zhejiang and Hong Kong and fostering cultural exchanges between the two places. He also encouraged colleagues to strive to serve Hong Kong people and enterprises in Zhejiang, and attract businesses and talents to Hong Kong.

     In the afternoon, Mr Lee attended a lunch with the Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China (SF&OC). He said that the SF&OC has provided necessary arrangements and assistance to the Hong Kong, China Delegation for participating in the Asian Games. He appreciated the work of the SF&OC.
     Mr Lee will continue his visit tomorrow (September 25).

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