Boris Johnson must resign for the good of the country’s health, Greens warn

19 January 2022

The Green Party has urged Boris Johnson to follow the advice of his MPs and resign to limit the damage currently being done to public health in the country.

Green Party co-leader Carla Denyer has warned that the Prime Minister’s mixed messages and hypocrisy over the Downing Street lockdown parties are undermining trust in both the government’s vital public health response to the continuing pandemic, as well as the political process at large.

Following senior Conservative MP David Davis’ call on Johnson to resign at PMQs today [1], Denyer said:

“Politicians like Boris Johnson undermine trust in the government, in public health advice and ultimately in our democracy. The unedifying spectacle in Westminster today makes it seem as if this is all one big joke, but let us remember that more than 150,000 people in the UK have died from covid, and this sham of a government is distracting us from the real work at hand.

“We are still in a pandemic, while at the same time millions of people are facing the prospect of choosing between heating and eating this year. With his ridiculous excuses about whether he broke any rules, all Boris Johnson is doing is distracting from the work that so desperately needs doing to tackle these issues.

“It is time for Boris Johnson to resign, for the good of everybody in the UK, to allow the country to focus on tackling the pandemic and the cost of living crisis, as millions of people across this country want.

“But I am under no illusion that his Conservative replacement will be much better. The trouble is that our political system is so broken that it breeds politicians like Johnson – there’s a culture of hypocrisy and entitlement that goes deep in our political system and we need to change the way our democracy operates to root it out.”



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