Glasgow Observatory releases information

The UK Geoenergy Observatory in Glasgow has released data and images from up to 199 metres below the surface of the city.

The data will help scientists understand the subsurface better and shed light on how mine water heat could be used as a renewable energy source for homes and industry.

BGS release borehole information packs for the Glasgow Observatory

The British Geological Survey (BGS) is laying the foundations for future mine water heat energy research, releasing detailed information packs including drilling logs, borehole construction details and overview hydraulic test data from the new geoenergy observatory in Glasgow.

Mine heat for the future

Researchers have won early stage funding to research and develop
plans to tap into disused, flooded coal mines for geothermal heat. The
British Geological Survey (BGS) are a partner in the consortium for the
HotScot project which will share research data, design and drill
geothermal boreholes

BGS shortlisted for Brownfield Award

BGS shortlisted for Brownfield Award

Rock On! BGS geology shop re-opens doors in London after lockdown

It’s good news for geology lovers! The British Geological Survey (BGS) shop at London’s Natural History Museum is re-opening its doors, after the pandemic left it closed since March.