Andrew Gwynne response to Ruth Davidson’s comments on the removal of the Winter Fuel Allowance

Andrew Gwynne, Labour’s National Elections Coordinator, responding to Ruth Davidson’s criticism of Tory plans to remove the Winter Fuel Allowance from some pensioners, said:

“When the Scottish Tory Leader comes out against her own Party’s attack on pensioner incomes I think it’s fair to say the policy is starting to unravel.

“The Tory attack on pensioners’ Winter Fuel Allowance is unfair and outrageous, and lays bare the threat they pose to pensioners’ security and living standards.

“The Tories should admit they’ve got it wrong, apologise and drop it immediately.”


Notes to editors

“We’ve made a different choice in Scotland in our Scottish manifesto today. We believe there shouldn’t be means testing for the winter fuel payment.”
Ruth Davidson, Leader of the Scottish Conservatives, Sky News, 19 May 2017