AFCD signs contract for Pilot Project on Urban Farming in Ma On Shan Sai Sha Road Garden (with photos)

     â€‹The Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD) signed a contract today (May 24) with Farm66 Investment Limited for the Pilot Project on Urban Farming in Ma On Shan Sai Sha Road Garden (MOSSSRG).
     An AFCD spokesman said, "The Pilot Project on Urban Farming is one of the key measures of the Blueprint for the Sustainable Development of Agriculture and Fisheries. The overall concept of urban farming is to integrate agriculture into the city and provide urban dwellers with high-quality, fresh and low-carbon food, as well as green landscapes and modernised farming experience, while improving the quality of urban life and liveability."
     Under the five-year pilot project, a modernised indoor crop farm with a land area of around 500 square metres will be set up in the MOSSSRG. The farm is expected to start production in the fourth quarter this year, with a view to providing the public with fresh agricultural products from farm to table with low-carbon footprints, as well as offering venues within easy reach for leisure, education and parent-child activities.
The AFCD will continue to search for suitable venues to conduct similar pilot projects.
     The Government will continue to implement measures related to urban farming through a multipronged approach, including introducing urban farming elements into the planning stage of New Development Areas (NDAs), making effective use of urban spaces in the Northern Metropolis and other NDAs. The Government will also set up modernised hydroponic farms and stalls on suitable rooftops of public markets. The concept of "harvest-to-sale" will first be adopted in Tin Shui Wai Public Market, which is under construction.
     Additionally, the Government will encourage business enterprises to develop modern urban farms, and explore the possibility of setting urban farming as one of the indicators of green buildings through working with public bodies or non-profit making organisations related to green buildings. At present, the urban farms of some projects are recognised by Building Environmental Assessment Method Plus (BEAM Plus) as innovative measures and rated. The Government will also explore officially incorporating urban farming facilities into the assessment scheme of BEAM Plus to encourage business enterprises to integrate elements of urban farming when planning property development projects, so as to blend agriculture into urban life, promote the physical and mental well-being of users of the building, and enhance Hong Kong's development and standards in sustainable architecture.

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